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These photos are a compilation and archive of what I shoot everyday and the awesome stuff I find around Tumblr. All attribution is given.

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Today I went out with the Rokinon 14mm f2.8 on my Canon 5D Mk II and challenged myself to get closer to my subject. Despite how far he seems, I am actually quite close to him. He was excellent.

As I often shoot, I also realize that I try to get close to my subjects. I edited this photo to look like a fusion of reality and a dream; since men are supposed to dream in black and white.

(via 500px / Photo “The Musician” by Chris Gampat)

Jet fighters

Shooting Occupy Wall St with Micro Four Thirds


Because of Steve Jobs my photography has become what it is…I don’t really know what else to do but offer my thanks and respect to him on any platform that will listen or let my words be shown…so here I am with some of the photos i have taken over the past year with my iPhone only. i own many cameras but none as close to me physically and personally as my iPhones camera. it is so diverse and discreet and so perfect for the type of photography I hold so dear to me,street photography. When i was robbed earlier this year and my brand new Macbook Pro and Nikon D7000 were stolen i was broken…the only thing that didn’t really make me give up was the fact that i had an iPhone4 and the ability to take and show them still….in fact the showing of my photos that is currently up right now is all street photography taken/and or edited with my iPhone. I just don’t what else to say but my heart goes out to this man who left us way to early….he had so many more things to show the world…so many different ways to change the future for us…I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am skill wise without owning an iPhone and shooting with it 80% of the time…

Occupy Wall St Photos. There’s more of a story than people getting arrested by cops. And it’s about people.

Devil Horns in SoHo